Why choose TCalc™ online financial calculators?

checkmark TCalc™ Financial Calculators integrate right into your existing website.

TCalc calculators will automatically adjust to match your website’s fonts, colors, and navigation.

checkmark TCalc™ Financial Calculators are highly customizable.

You can control the fonts, colors, and navigation to create a completely customized solution. You even have initial product options like print and email buttons as well as layout options that create a customized look without having to do anything extra.

checkmark TCalc™ Financial Calculators allow you to easily add links and promotions.

You can add links and promotions to individual calculators highlighting your rates, mortgage applications, special services, etc.

checkmark TCalc™ Financial Calculators are cross-browser and cross-platform compliant.

Work with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. Even the old browsers work. Your customers aren't forced to install a new browser just to use your calculators. Run them on a Mac or PC. Use them with PHP, CFM, CSM, ASP, .NET, etc.

checkmark TCalc™ Financial Calculators are mobile-web friendly.

You can add TCalc calculators on mobile-web friendly websites and the calculators will automatically optimize to function properly on the mobile web.

checkmark TCalc™ Financial Calculators do not require your customers to install JAVA.

Your customers aren't forced to install the JAVA runtime environment or virtual machine just to use your calculators. No more warnings or alerts when customers fail to install obscure plug-ins required by JAVA applets.

checkmark TCalc™ Financial Calculators are fully SSL compliant.

Do you dream of capturing lead information from your calculators? A secure information request form or an online loan application may be the way to go. All TCalc calculators run great in a secure socket layer (SSL) environment.

checkmark TCalc™ Financial Calculators can be run from a single page in your website.

Installing the calculators is easy. All you need is a single web page (html, htm, cfm, php, asp, aspx, etc...) to put your calculators on. Simply paste the provided script into the web page where you want to see your calculators. If you are using a content management solution, simply paste the script where you wish to see your calculators. It’s that easy.

checkmark TCalc™ Financial Calculators include calculator use tracking reports.

As part of the service, individual and overall calculator use reports are available upon request as often as you like.

checkmark TCalc™ Financial Calculators are easy to understand and use.

They are presented in simple question and answer format. Dynamic charts and payment schedules make calculations informative and fun.

checkmark TCalc™ Financial Calculators have a one-year money-back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied for any reason with your purchase, we will refund your money anytime during the first year.

checkmark TCalc™ Financial Calculators were developed and tested by TimeValue Software.

TimeValue Software has been in business for over 27 years serving the financial community. TCalc™ Financial Calculators are used by banks, credit unions, CPAs, mortgage companies, and many other industries that want to better serve their customers on the internet.

 Available with Canadian amortization. Please call us at 1-949-727-1800 or toll-free at 1-800-426-4741 (within USA) for more information.

Choose the calculators you need!

Your TCalc online financial calculators can be up and running on your website in no time. The calculators will match perfectly with the style, background, and colors of your existing site. You can select the best fit for your customers. Whether you need a single compound interest calculator, a full suite of personal finance calculators, or even the complete set enabling the widest range of calculations, TCalc online financial calculators is your best solution.

Try TCalc Financial Calculators Risk-Free

All TimeValue Software products include an unconditional one year money-back guarantee.

System Requirements for TCalc Software:

Any Website on any browser.

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