TValue™ Software for Lease Payments and Pricing

The fast, flexible, and creative tool for leasing professionals

TimeValue Software™ TValue™ software for lease payments and pricing is the equipment finance industry standard for pricing equipment leases. TValue software can help you and your sales force structure deals to match the cash flow of your customers and win challenging opportunities.

You can quickly compare different structures easily and quickly to determine what is the best alternative. With TValue software, you can provide creative payment quotes to your customers to help negotiate and close sales. For example, you can present a 90-day full skip or partial skip payment program versus a monthly payment to help your customer with a payment plan that matches the income generating capabilities of their purchase. TValue software is a user friendly program that offers the flexibility that you need.

The Lease Payment Software Standard

Today, many of the Monitor 100 equipment finance companies and more than 500,000 financial professionals in more than 100 countries worldwide rely on TValue software for its calculation accuracy, flexibility, and ease-of-use. Some of our leasing customers include: Bank of the West, De Lage Landen, Farm Credit, HP Financial Services, IBM Global Finance, John Deere Credit, Microsoft Global Finance, PNC Bank, and Volvo Financial Services.

With TValue Software for Lease Payments and Pricing, you can Easily:

  • Structure leases with payments in advance or arrears
  • Handle deferred payments, security deposits, residuals, and/or subsidies
  • Solve for rate buy downs
  • Calculate step payments and weighted payment streams
  • Calculate full skip or partial skip payments for seasonal business and other “what if” scenarios
  • Print payment schedules for customers and colleagues
  • Export a payment schedule to Excel or Word for reports or additional editing
  • Calculate broker’s commission
  • Structure step payment leases
  • Determine the rate factors from a given lease amount and payment
  • Reverse analyze a competitor’s rate factor to determine the rate or yield
  • Compute the lease payoff of a lease
  • Calculate mid-term upgrade

Solve Challenging Deal Structures

As you can see below, a complex lease structure can be easily calculated. This deal would be a 60 month lease for a seasonal business using the TValue software skip series. This structure includes two advanced payments, a contact payment of $100 during winter months, regular payments, and a 10% residual with a 10% yield.

TV5 Leasing Cash Flow

Customize Event Names for your Cash Flows

TValue software allows you to create custom event names on a cash flow line to best describe the cash flows for your customer. You can also standardize your settings with payments in advance or in arrears, and then save the changes for future price schedules to save valuable time.

TV5 Leasing Setup

View Payment Schedule

TValue software can display the payment schedule with totals at selected intervals. In addition, the power of TValue software allows you to print presentation-quality schedules, and export your results into Microsoft Excel or Word for client presentations in seconds.

TV5 Leasing Setup

Benefits of TValue Software over Excel

While "doing it yourself" in Excel is one option, there are significant reasons why it’s best to use TValue software. When it comes to structuring leases, notes, or loans; determining rates of return; and/or any other time value of money calculation, flexibility is paramount. Excel is based on writing formulas and there is always room for user error. On a complicated transaction, you can work on an Excel spreadsheet for too long only to discover that you have bad data or an error in a formula or worst yet you may never know there is an error. TValue software is a better solution.

  • Faster, accurate, and easier to use. TValue software only takes a couple of line items to structure a deal or analyze a return.
  • Minimal data entry is involved to decrease the chance for error. Sales associates enter minimal required data to quickly, easily, and accurately calculate any scenario to meet your customer’s cash flow needs and win their business.
  • Error free calculations. You can have confidence in the numbers as TValue software calculations are based on embedded algorithms, not entered formulas. If the amounts and dates are right, you know that the calculations will be correct.
  • Lease payment schedules in seconds. Professional schedules for documentation are generated instantaneously for viewing, exporting, and printing.
  • Solve for any “what if” calculation. You can quickly and easily create multiple “what if” scenarios in minutes and find the best solution quickly. You can instantly solve for the interest rate, payment, lease amount, or term.
  • Logic to handle the simple to the most complex. Calculation logic is already included so you don’t have to spend your time reinventing the wheel by researching, programming, and testing your Excel formulas for lease calculations.
  • Click here to see the many TValue program features offered.

  • Unconditional one year money-back guarantee. Annual maintenance service is available which includes future updates and upgrades, unlimited product support, and access to the TValue video training library of nearly 70 videos.

As a leasing professional, you need to choose and rely on a tool that is accurate, easy to use, and gives you the ability to close the deal you need. Virtually see the deal and see what makes sense.

If you would like to expand your in-house calculation abilities or have a new development project that requires lease, loan, and/or any time value of money calculations, contact TimeValue Software for a FREE evaluation copy of theTValue Engine software development kit (SDK).

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All TimeValue Software products include an unconditional one year money-back guarantee.

System Requirements for TValue Software:

  • Supports Windows XP and above and Windows Server 2003 and above - both 32 bit and 64 bit, and Terminal Services
  • Citrix is being used successfully by TimeValue Software customers with no known issues in this environment
  • At least 10MB RAM and 5MB disk space

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