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Reduce IRS Payroll Tax Penalties

As a tax professional, you are likely to see IRS payroll deposit penalties. The IRS sends out millions of payroll penalty notices each year. The shocking fact is that taxpayers are being substantially overcharged by the IRS.

New Relief Provisions Let Taxpayers Pay Less

The IRS uses only one method to calculate the failure to deposit (FTD) penalty. However, IRS Revenue Procedure 99-10 allows other calculation methods that are far more beneficial to the taxpayer.

PayrollPenalty™ Software Easily Calculates the Lowest Penalty

TimeValue Software™ PayrollPenalty™ IRS failure to deposit penalty abatement software uses over 250 alternative methods to calculate the lowest penalty amount. Simply enter the liabilities and deposits for the quarter. PayrollPenalty™ software instantly shows you the re-calculated amount and savings. Everything you need to send to the IRS is ready to print including an IRS designed report and letter. Best of all, any client qualifies for this relief; there is no need to show reasonable cause.

The Results Speak for Themselves

  • The average penalty savings is 20% to 45%
  • All necessary reports and cover letter printed for each calculation
  • IRS acceptance of calculations is 100%
  • No reasonable cause needed. All taxpayers are eligible for relief

Check Your Penalty Amount NOW!

Don't delay. Your savings will be substantial. An annual subscription to PayrollPenalty™ IRS failure to deposit (FTD) penalty abatement software is only $149 per year!

PayrollPenalty™ software can save your clients thousands of dollars per filing. Ask a TimeValue Software™ customer support specialist about the special bundle pricing discount when you also purchase Tax941™ software.

Try PayrollPenalty Software Risk-Free

All TimeValue Software products include an unconditional one year money-back guarantee.

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