Tax941 Customer Testimonials

"Tax941 is a big timesaver. You can crank out 941 forms in no time."
Linda N.

"I’ve used it for over ten years and love it. My accounting software has too many problems printing the forms. Tax941 always prints good-looking forms. Your software is the only one that produces a rock solid 944 Form."
Terry H.

"I've been a user for 10-plus years and I really like Tax941. It's easy to print replacement forms."
Joseph H.

"Does a great job calculating penalties. The reports are very effective when working with the IRS."
Sandy R.

"Tax941 is a very good program. [My accounting software] does the forms too but I like the forms and inputs from Tax941 better. I can reprint forms if I need to."
Don H.

"I take the liability and deposit information from my client's accounting system, like Quickbooks, and enter the information into Tax941. It only takes a few minutes to prepare an accurate 941 or 940 Form."
Melissa B.

"I like Tax941 because I can use it to keep track of my liabilities and deposits."
Schara H.

"Tax941 is easy and slick. A real timesaver. Why use anything else?"
Tiffany B.

"I've used several programs but Tax941 is the most user friendly. And it retains the companies, whereas the others don't."
Billy S.

"Your software is very easy and user friendly. You don't even have to know how to use the return. If you can read, you can do a return."
Steve E.

"Tax941 is very complete. I use it when my bookkeeping software messes up."
Lee H.

"I use Tax941 to track my backup withholding deposits. I don't know of any other programs that do this."
Belinda H.

"I like Tax941 because I can keep track of my deposits and liabilities. I enter the liability amounts after each payroll. Tax941 has error-checking that is lacking in my payroll system and it always produces a clean error-free form."
David H.

"It takes all the worrying out of preparing the forms."
Linda H.

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* The Tax941 software update service is billed one year after the initial purchase and includes all product updates and unlimited product support. The annual update service is $69 for the first user license and $20 for each additional user license.

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