Easily Integrate Tax, Interest, and Penalty Calculations Into Your Applications

TimeValue Software™ now offers the calculation engine from its highly successful TaxInterest™ IRS/state interest and penalty software to developers for use in their products. TaxInterest software is the professional standard for calculating interest and penalties with unmatched accuracy. It is relied upon both by the IRS itself and tax professionals nationwide. Now software developers can put the calculation power of TaxInterest software into their tax-related applications for a fraction of what it would cost to develop it internally.

Some Example Calculations

Here are a few examples of the variety of calculations that can be easily integrated into any solution using the TaxInterest Engine™ software development kit (SDK) including tax provision applications and tax preparation applications:

  • Calculate interest and penalty accruals on uncertain tax positions for FIN 48
  • Calculate the total amount of interest and penalties due for amended returns
  • Include calculations for prior years of underpayment interest
  • Integrate interest calculations for all states and numerous international jurisdictions
  • Assure accuracy of federal penalty calculations

Versatile Deployment Options

The TaxInterest Engine SDK can be easily integrated into existing cloud or desktop applications. You can utilize it as a SOAP web service or an ActiveX (COM) DLL.

Faster Time to Market, Lower Development Costs, and the Most Accurate Calculations

The rules for calculating interest and penalties can be very complicated. Mastering the varying regulations for IRS calculations, or the dizzying variety of interest rates and calculation methods for other jurisdictions, can add significant development time to your projects. Integrating the calculations from TaxInterest software via the TaxInterest Engine will make the process simple, saving you valuable development time and dollars by allowing you to focus on the specific business requirements of your project.

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